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Press Release - October 6, 2022 - Frank McRae Named as General Manager of the Southwest Public Power Agency

PHOENIX, AZ – Frank McRae was recently named as general manager of Arizona’s Southwest Public Power Agency (SPPA). His official start date was September 19, 2022.  

SPPA is a joint action agency established under Arizona state law, comprising publicly owned, not-for-profit irrigation and electrical districts, municipal electric utilities, and tribal utilities. 

McRae will be working together with K.R. Saline principal Dennis Delany on SPPA matters to establish and execute SPPA goals and objectives. 

McRae will assist with managing, analyzing, and evaluating the effectiveness of all operations for SPPA. In addition, he will be responsible for projects, interpretations, and implementations of the Board of Directors’ policies. 

He will also develop and maintain effective organizational structure and personnel by providing leadership, direction, and guidance of SPPA. 

He will also represent SPPA to the membership, regulatory agencies, government, and other electric industry organizations, plus financial, trade and community organizations.  

McRae has forty years of professional experience in the energy utilities industry. Most recently, he was the Director for the City of Mesa’s Energy Resources Department.